Ultralast Cel-8310 Replacement Battery


Ultralast Cel-8310 Replacement Battery

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3.7V<br> Li-Ion<br> Long-lasting<br> 1,000mAh<br> Rechargeable<br> Replacement battery for BlackBerry(R) Curve 8300<br> Comparable to Lenmar(R) LENPDABCS2, Plantronics(R) CS351, Plantronics(R) CS351N, Plantronics(R) CS361, Plantronics(R) CS361 Supra Plus, Plantronics(R) CS-50, Plantronics(R) CS50-USB, Plantronics(R) CS-510, Plantronics(R) CS-520, Plantronics(R) CS-55, Plantronics(R) CS-60, Plantronics(R) WH300, Plantronics(R) WH350, Plantronics(R) CS361N, Plantronics(R) W710, Plantronics(R) W720 Empire(TM) CPP-512Q, Plantronics(R) 64327-01, Plantronics(R) 64399-01, Plantronics(R) 64399-03, Plantronics(R) 65358-01, Plantronics(R) PL-64399-01, Plantronics(R) 202599-03<br>

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